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Celebrate A Marriage.

Remember A Journey.

Embrace Home.

Art for Your Life from Your Life

“We all have places that hold an important memory for us. What places hold your memories?”

The process of creating your painting is truly a collaboration. Although it’s true that I hold the paintbrush, I could not do it without the inspiration and vision which you provide! I ask for feedback along the way and through it all we develop a relationship.

I carefully sketch out a composition for each painting. I check and re-check the proportions and measurements to ensure that what I create matches your memory. I ask for your feedback on the layout and composition to be sure it aligns with your vision. Whether a watercolor or an oil painting, there are several layers of paint applied to each image over several days – several weeks if the painting is larger. The process can’t be rushed, and so there are only a limited number of commission spots available each season.

Art from your life, for your life. Capture the character of the places from your life with an original drawing or painting.

I have created paintings for dozens of people like you over the years and I love creating art from your life for your life. Contact me today to begin planning the gift they will remember forever.

Shop here or Download pdf of price list: CommissionPrices-sm.

Client Feedback

"My sister and her fiancé LOVED the watercolor. They were so touched and could not believe how beautiful it was. It really turned out just lovely..."

"Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of our home!"

"It is really beautiful. I think it is perfect and will be a perfect way to celebrate our "paper" anniversary... Your work is unbelievable and I can't wait to hang it in our home."

Your watercolor is fabulous and K. and all are thrilled with beautiful rendition of memorable place.. thanks so much... Thank you for wonderful gift and all your care and thoughtful care you took with the project. - Jan

"I just wanted to thank you again for the two lovely watercolors. Both of the brides went on and on about what a unique and gorgeous gift they were. I could not have been more pleased with the artwork, and also your timely and professional demeanor. Looking forward to an occasion in the future where I will be able to use your talent again!"

Getting started:

  1. Choose the memory you’d like turned into a painting.

  2. Send your photos to me. We can work together to choose oil painting or watercolor and the size. (Don’t see exactly what you are looking for in the menu? No problem, it’s a custom painting!)

  3. Pay the full amount or 50% down.

  4. Prepare a place on the wall for original artwork your family will value for generations.

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