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Rebuild Tradition.

The Monks of Norcia know what it means to re-build. In the year 2000, the Vatican approved a new Benedictine community to joyfully reclaim a monastery in Norcia, Italy which had been devoid of monks since the early 1800s. The Monks of Norcia lovingly began to restore the Basilica of Saint Benedict, built over the fifth-century birthplace of the famous saint. In the fall of 2016, earthquakes destroyed the monastery and basilica and the Monks of Norcia moved to a new location in the hills outside of Norcia.

A friend of the Monks of Norcia commissioned me to create this oil painting of the Basilica of Saint Benedict. After the earthquakes they wanted to remember and this beautiful pilgrimage destination and community of prayer which they had visited many times. I am now making fine art prints of this image available for purchase.

Re-building Culture: Then and Now
Re-building Faith Community
Re-building Hearts through Work and Prayer
Re-building Monastic Tradition

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painting of basilica of norcia monks of norcia

Prints are high resolution giclee fine art prints printed with archival inks on archival, 100% cotton paper, ready to last for decades.

The Monks have many friends, many who have visited their monastery in Italy on pilgrimage, or who have purchased their Birra Nursia, which they make and sell to sustain their community. Perhaps you one who has visited Italy, (or wishes to!) and are saddened by the destruction of this Basilica.

Consider purchasing a fine art print to remind you to pray for the monks, and for their efforts to rebuild their monastery and the tradition it represents. I will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Monks of Norcia Foundation. You can go to their website to give to them directly.