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Seattle Church Wedding Painting

Celebrating Church Weddings

I love painting churches to celebrate weddings. This custom wedding painting celebrates the joining of two lives in a beautiful Seattle church. The bride and groom wanted to celebrate their paper wedding anniversary with a custom watercolor of their wedding church. They wanted a representation of the beautiful Blessed Sacrament church where they began their lives together to be the first art to hang in their new home.

The Wedding Painting Process

The bride sent me several photos of her Seattle wedding church.  The neighborhood around the church is very densely built. Because of that I had to do some additional research online to find photos which were taken when there were fewer buildings blocking the view. We communicated several times about these details and the pencil sketch. I wanted to be sure I was accurately representing the structure.

Once the couple approved the pencil sketch I began to watercolor. This brick neo-Gothic structure has many beautiful architectural details and was an enjoyable challenge to capture!

In progress view of custom wedding watercolor of blessed sacrament church seattle

Blessed Sacrament Seattle in progress

In the middle of my painting process I often turn the drawing and the photograph upside down. Often when we look at objects we are seeing the symbol of the object rather than the precise angle of the lines and the relationships of lights and darks. By turning my work upside down I notice if any of the vertical lines are headed in the wrong direction. It helps me shift into seeing abstract shapes and values rather than “a church”, and enhances the accuracy of the final artwork.

Seattle Church Painting Completed

At the end of the process I contact the collector and ensure the safe delivery of the painting.  When the bride and groom saw their Seattle church wedding painting they wrote:  “It looks so beautiful!!! Thank you so so much!!! I cannot wait to have this hanging in our home.”

If you would like a painting to celebrate a wedding, wedding anniversary, or another special moment in your life, please contact me! I love forward to working with you to create artwork from your life for your life.