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Yoga Art Exhibit

By July 7, 2017July 10th, 2017Figures, Exhibits and Events

Yoga Art Exhibit: Art Exhibits Outside the Box


Art Exhibits Outside the Box

From July 14 to August 9, 2017 my Mind-Body-Spirit Series will be on exhibit at The Art of Yoga Yoga Studio in Columbus, OH. This exhibit continues my efforts this year to move outside the box of the traditional gallery space. The traditional gallery is still alive and well, and still important, but there’s been a flowering of creativity among artists and art lovers about how to bring art into the community in the last few years. I’ve exhibited in the City of Perrysburg Municipal Building, a clothing boutique and a yoga studio: this exhibit will be the second Yoga Studio this year! Housed inside the Franklinton Playhouse in Columbus, OH, the Art of Yoga opens its doors to theatre-goers before performances, as well as during the Franklinton Fridays Art Walk event.

C-Curve Dance Figure, Ink and Watercolor on Paper mounted on Panel, © Michelle Arnold Paine 2017


The exhibit will be part of the Franklinton Friday event in Columbus, one of many neighborhood events across the country meant to encourage foot traffic to local businesses and galleries and provide a gathering moment for the community.

Art, Senses and Transcendence

I am excited about a venue like this because of the multiple ways in which my art can participate in a community’s experience. Art on the walls provides multiple dimensions to a trip to the theatre. Art brings visual beauty to the yoga classroom environment. Yoga is an integrative practice which seeks to exercise not just the body, but also to discipline the mind and engage the spirit. For me the arts function in a similar way – through movement, music, color and form my mind engages with narrative and ideas and my spirit is moved by the beauty of the work. Art is one of the ways we search for and express our yearning for connection with the transcendent.