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Transcriptions: Fra Angelico

By June 6, 2012November 18th, 2019Italy, Art and Faith, Painting, Virgin Mary
Fra Angelico

Annunciation after Fra Angelico, Oil on Canvas, 6″x6″ ©Michelle Arnold Paine

Another in my little “Annunciations from the Masters” series, from a predella by Fra Angelico, 15th century Florentine painter, who was also a Dominican brother.  -. Graham Nickson of the New York Studio School says “the transcription endeavors to understand the nature of the original work; it investigates the power of the work through its construction rather than emulating its look or style.”

These paintings are very different from the originals – not as polished, nor as crisp, and painted in oil rather than egg tempera. But I am trying to capture something of the mystery of the moment: something revealed, something concealed, to find my own way through this work…

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