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New Studio!

By June 9, 2011Painting

I just moved in February to a new studio in an old industrial building in my town. The building was formerly the Waltham Cotton and Wool Company, and was one of the first to use water-powered looms in their factories.


The building is one of several old mill buildings close to the Charles River, and I love that is just a short walk along the river to get there. This building, and another next to it make up the Waltham Mills Artist Association, one of the older Artist communities in the Boston area. It dates back to the early 1980s, the initial stages of the trend to reclaim aged industrial buildings for artist workspaces.

(Un)Fortunately I was teaching a lot this spring and so it is only in the last few weeks I have been able to get in there to get some solid work done.

It is wonderful to have all the space I need for a change! I am able to move back and forth between projects without putting things away in between — this method works well for me. I will often work on four or five pieces in a studio session, so having space to leave a number of things going is really wonderful. I am also enjoying being able to paint AND prepare canvases at the same time! Photos of my workspace to come…

Waltham Mills Artist Association has Open Studios every year the first weekend of November – stay tuned!

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