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Custom Cottage Painting

By May 19, 2015February 2nd, 2024Commissions, Painting
Cottage Panorama, Oil Paintings on Canvas, 24" x 18", ©Michelle Arnold Paine 2013

Cottage Panorama, Oil Paintings on Canvas, 24″ x 18″, ©Michelle Arnold Paine 2013

Custom Cottage Panorama

What a joy to complete this custom cottage painting: a creative commission of a panoramic view of the family cottage. My brother-in-law commissioned this wonderfully creative gift for the entire family. It is a series of paintings of his (and my husband’s) parents’ summer cottage. He wanted something that each family – siblings and parents – could have to remember fun summer times at the cottage.

The five paintings go together to create a panoramic view of the cottage from the water but each individual painting is a composition unto itself to be given to each sibling (and the parents).

Custom Painting Process

This short little video gives a brief insight into my process. I usually start landscape paintings with a ground of red or reddish-brown. In New England there is so much green that it can tend to overtake the painting. Red and green are opposites on the color wheel,so the red background peeking through little areas of the painting will create the complementary color balance that every painting needs.

In addition I find that working on a colored ground eliminates any “blank canvas paralysis” that I might have at the beginning of a painting. Brushing color onto the entire canvas gets me familiar with the space I am working in and I have no fear of “messing up” the pure white canvas — I HAVE to paint over all that red !!

Do you have a place that means something special for you or someone you love? Email me to inquire about a commissioning a unique gift which will have meaning for years to come.

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