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Catholic Creatives Collaborate as Artist, Model and Poet

Walnut Ink Figure Drawing Virgin Mary

“Ave”, Walnut Ink on Paper, 14″ x 10″ ©2018 Michelle Arnold Paine SOLD

Catholic Creatives Gather

In 2017 eighty Catholic Creatives from across the US and several countries gathered in Dallas to celebrate beauty and the gift of being creative in a Church with a rich history of art, architecture and narrative. We were Catholic.

It was a powerful experience to encounter so many energetic young people who believe artistic Renaissance will bring revival in the Church. We all believe that truth, goodness, and beauty are pillars of God’s presence and that beauty has been neglected. Without it our church is toppling. “We believe in Beauty and God has gifted us to bring it to the world.”

One of the goals of the summit was to bring people together to form relationships so that Catholic Creatives could COLLABORATE.

While in Dallas I met Olivia Bratton Mayoros and Andrew Montpetit, both from Michigan. After the Summit  they worked to gather Catholic Creatives in Michigan so that we could begin to experience community and collaboration on a more local level. Over the last two years this has been a beautiful and fruitful endeavor resulting in friendships and professional collaborations.

Creatives Collaborate: Artist and Model

In the summer of 2018 Olivia offered to model for me so that I could create more drawings to add to my already extensive series of figure drawings. Since I am always happy to spend time with her and happy to have the opportunity to direct a model for my own purposes,  I accepted. She came to my basement studio one day and by the light of my small basement window  we created the drama of these two drawings.

Both of these drawings were featured in my recent exhibit at 20North Gallery in Toledo “Divine Dimensions“.

Female Figure Ink Drawing

“Shadows”, Walnut Ink on Paper, © 2018 Michelle Arnold Paine. Click to Purchase

Poetry and Art: The Creativity Continues

One of the miracles of creative collaboration is the momentum it creates, continuing to create new work beyond what was originally envisioned. After the model session, once my drawing was photographed and titled and shared,  Olivia wrote this poem in response to the drawing. But perhaps it is a response to more than just the drawing: I read here all the hopes and conversations and prayers we share as artist who wish to serve Christ and his Church… 


Be not afraid 

Of the coming resurrection


To a foreign world

Yet be not anxious

To arrive just yet

The time will readily come 

Then sit content

Your eyes to the light

Your legs at rest


To be where you are

And will be 

-Olivia Bratton