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Back to the Drawing Board…

By January 22, 2014Figures, Drawing
figurative,10x7,price $250,pen and ink

Male Reclining on Elbow, Walnut Ink on Paper, ©Michelle Arnold Paine 2014
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Back to the Figure Drawing board, anyway! It has been soooooo long since I went to figure drawing group and I have missed it! I have also continued to sell the little ink drawings that I make when I go, so I have really needed to get back there and continue making them! Last semester I was doing a lot of teaching, and our local drawing group dissolved in late summer, so I have been needing to explore different figure drawing venues.

Finally last Wednesday I went to the Life Drawing session at the Concord Art Association and it was so wonderful to get back into it. It has also been an extremely long time since I had drawn from a male model, so that was a good challenge.

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