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About my Journey…

By March 6, 2014November 18th, 2019Art and Faith, Virgin Mary, Italy
Mary the Dawn, Oil on panel, 22" x 28" ©Michelle Arnold Paine SOLD

Mary the Dawn, Oil on panel, 22″ x 28″ ¬©Michelle Arnold Paine SOLD

You’ve probably noticed that much of the subject matter of my work has Christian undertones – church architecture, references to the Virgin Mary, as well as to aspects of art history related to the Christian faith. If you have every wondered exactly where that comes from on a personal level, you can listen to this podcast interview.

I share the story of my journey to Catholicism on the Catholic Vitamins podcast this week, a weekly podcast affiliated with, and I had a lovely time chatting with Deacon Tom. I began corresponding with Deacon Tom after he posted at about the different names for Mary. He shared a medieval hymn which I have been using as an inspiration for my paintings for several years, and so we connected.

You can listen to the show on their website: or subscribe and and listen to it on iTunes.

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