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Gulliver Reclining

By February 14, 2014Drawing, Figures
Gulliver Reclining, Walnut Ink on Paper, 7" x 10", ©Michelle Arnold Paine 2014

Gulliver Reclining, Walnut Ink on Paper, 7″ x 10″, ¬©Michelle Arnold Paine 2014
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Another drawing from my figure drawing session a couple of weeks ago. This pose was extremely difficult: the “corpse pose”, as it is known in yoga. Initially I was sitting at his elbow, looking straight on – all horizontal lines and no compositional interest at all, so I had to move around a little bit to find a point of view that would create some tension in the drawing — and some difficult foreshortening!! I had to shrink the head a couple of times to get it the right size (you can see the traces of the previous lines around the head) and to sit back in relation to the dramatic foreshortening of the rest of the body.

My husband said this drawing reminded him of Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels, when Lemuel Gulliver is washed ashore on the island of Lilliput and “captured” by the miniature Lilliputians. I think I will take that to mean that there is a certain weight and monumentality in my drawing!

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