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HIldene Wedding Watercolor Painting

By August 23, 2019January 5th, 2022Painting, Architecture, Commissions

Hildene, Vermont. Watercolor on Paper. ©Michelle Arnold Paine 2019.  All Rights Reserved Purchase A Print

Hildene Wedding

Hildene in Manchester, VT is a popular venue for weddings as well as a beautiful historical estate to visit. The estate was once home to Abraham Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln. I was blessed to be a part of one such wedding celebration by creating a watercolor of the house. The bride’s parents commissioned me to create this watercolor as a gift for the couple. The Hildene wedding watercolor painting created a lasting memory for the bride and groom as well as a unique way to share the beauty with their wedding guests.

A Wedding Painting Shared in Many Ways

With a custom wedding painting, the bride and groom can enjoy the image of their destination wedding every day in their home. Original art is an investment. For a special occasion it’s fun to share that investment with as many people as possible! In order to do this, the bride used the image of the watercolor on the menus. Once the wedding was over she used notecards we created as thank you cards to remind everyone of the beautiful day. Using the image on some of their wedding suite materials enabled the couple to share this investment with those who shared the day with them. A win for everyone!

Menu and Wedding Thank You Cards with Michelle Arnold Paine’s Hildene House Watercolor. ©Michelle Arnold Paine

Your watercolor is fabulous and K. and all are thrilled with beautiful rendition of memorable place.. thanks so much... Thank you for wonderful gift and all your care and thoughtful care you took with the project.

Jan, Massachusetts

Custom Wedding Watercolor: The Process

Creating a custom wedding watercolor is a collaboration. The bride’s mother sent me several photos of Hildene to work from. After signing a brief contract and sending a deposit, we selected a viewpoint together based on her vision and what would make a pleasing composition to be enjoyed for years. First I sketched out the photo we decided to use, dividing it into a four part grid. The grid helps me make sure I am maintaining the correct proportions as I enlarge the image from the photograph.

Once I completed the drawing  and the client approved it, I used liquid mask to maintain the white areas around the windows.  The liquid mask is the green you see; it covers the white paper and prevents the watercolor from staining that area. It is rubber-based and is easy to remove at the end of the painting, revealing areas of pristine white.

Then I just kept working!

Bring Memories Home

The flowers, music and food only last for a few hours, but a work of art endures beyond the wedding day for generations, commemorating the beginning of a new family. There is always something special about something hand-made, hand-painted, hand-drawn and the unique way an artist interprets the space.

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    Stay tuned for Hildene Part 2: This painting led to another Hildene Wedding project for another bride and I look forward to sharing that one with you as well in the coming months!

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